Our Clients

IFS is a progressive research institution of Nepal, it is the primary agency responsible for solving global problems and improving the welfare of societies. The thematic areas that we focus are health, education, environment, monetary and fiscal policy, IT and Development, Industry Business and Development and global and regional studies.

We render service to different associates:

Government (Ministry): Economy itself is not fully contented, in order to make it fully functioned government need to conduct different research and should adapt accordingly with the change of time, technology, innovations, and circumstances. For this, the Ministry level provides funding for research projects and institutions. Development is only possible when the hurdles for development are found and are removed from the roots. Considering this, IFS has come up with motivation to remove the complications from the society and to develop a prosperous nation. IFS have ability to manage different projects, administer project resources in an effective manner and maintain clear accountability for the progress of the project.Ultimately help government with the strategic level as well as help to prepare effective policies.

INGOs/NGOs: An international non-governmental organization (INGO) has the same mission as a non-governmental organization (NGO), but it is international in scope and has outposts around the world to deal with specific issues in many countries. IFS plays an significant role to achieve the mission of INGOs/NGOs.The primary purpose of IFS is to help INGOs /NGOs to foster the community based organizations within each country via different projects and operations. Some INGOs are advocacy-based, meaning that their primary purpose is to influence the policy-making of different countries’ governments regarding certain issues or promote the awareness of a certain issue. Many of the large INGOs have components of both operational projects and advocacy initiatives working together within individual countries.

Researcher and Academia: IFS is a platform for research students to present their work and exchange ideas with their peers and industry leaders. IFS promote researcher to be more productive and efficient. We support researchers by providing them various informative training regarding research as well as other valuable materials for conducting research.

Private Institutions: There many private institutions who seek for help regarding research and development for this, IFS fully support the organization that is willing to conduct research. Private Institutions conduct research for various reasons- to launch new product, to find the growth or downfall of sales, to solve different technical, managerial financial issues, to understand the market or to solve the problems that have been faced by the organization