Dr. Dirgha Raj Joshi

Dr. Joshi is an  Research Fellow of Institute for Frontier Studies (IFS) Nepal. He holds PhD. in Use of ICT in Mathematics Teaching from Banaras Hindu University, India, M.ED. Specialized in Mathematics from Tribhuvan University. He has been enrolled as Facilitator (Advance Research Methodology in M. Phil in ICT and ICT and E-Research in M. Phil in English Education and Sociology) in Nepal Open University and Lecturer (ICT in Mathematics Education) Tribhuvan University, and Administrator in Heartland University. He has several years of teaching, training, workshop, and research publication experience.

He is a confident and articulate communicator, having 4 language skills (English, Nepali, Hindi, and Khas (used in Karnali) and has good command over data analysis using Excel and SPSS, development of research tools, proposal and research report writing, Computer application [mathematics typesetting and Diagram System (Efofex FX Draw, Math type), Dynamic Geometry Software (Mathematica, GeoGebra, and Sketchpad), Dynamic Statistic Software (SPSS, MatLab), LaTex].

Some of his important research and scientific publications are:

  • International journal of Research in Social Science (IJRSS) ISSN: 2249-2496, 7(2), 408-417. FEBRU ARY2017/IJMRA-11194.pdf
  • International Journal for Innovative Research in Multidisciplinary Field. ISSN –2455-0620,3(1),7-11.
  • International Journal for Innovative Research in Multidisciplinary Field. ISSN –2455- 0620, 2(11), 256-262.
  • Journal of Computational Sciences and Information Technology, 1(1), 29-34.
  • An International Journal of Engineering &Technology 3(1), 13-18.

Proceeding Article

  • Use of ICT for Differently Abled and Marginalized Learners
  • Utilization in Teaching and Learning Process for Learner with Disability


Dr. Jeevan Khanal

Dr. Jeevan Khanal is the Director of Educational Research and Training with Institute for Frontier Studies. He holds Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Leadership and Management from Chonbuk National University and M.Phil. in Leadership study from Tribhuvan University. He has 15 years of experiences in teaching, training, research, and publication. He is a confident and articulate communicator, producing 4 scientific publications, 10 textbooks (which are approved by Ministry of Education, the government of Nepal) and 4 language skills (English, Nepali, Hindi, and Korean). Currently, he is working for distinguished editorial review board member for Journal of American Academic Research, working for the editorial board as a reviewer and a consulting editor, of Journal of International Students. He is actively engaging in research and scientific publication.


1. Corporal Punishment in Nepalese Private Schools: Perception of Teachers

2. Eastern Way of Finding Truth

3. Impact of School Principal Leadership

4. Corporal Punishment in Private Schools: The Case of Kathmandu, Nepal


Forthcoming Research Article

  • Impact of Globalization on Higher Education: Opportunity or Extortions.
  • Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 21(1), (Accepted). doi: 10.5782/2223-2621.2018……
  • How do principals lead the Successful Schools. A study of Nepal
  • Journal of South Asian Development (Under peer review process).
  • Differencing the Principals’ Leader Behavior in High and low-Achieving School: A Study of Nepal
  • Finding the Differences in Principals’ Leadership Behavior of High and Low-performing School: A Study of Nepal
  • International Student’s Challenge and Adjustment to Korean and American Universities: A Comparative Study
  • Book Chapter: History of Nepalese Higher Education /Higher Education Policies in Nepal