About Us

Institute for Frontier Studies (IFS) is an independent and non-partisan research institute established and registered in 29th of January, 2014 to contribute to research and development efforts of the country.We promote analytic culture through teaching, training and thorough research. IFS is established to contribute research and development efforts of the country through new paradigm of the ‘Frontier Knowledge and Intervention’. We aim to bring forth evidence based  frontier knowledge through empirical investigation of contemporary issues in the areas of Social Sciences, Economics and Business. With the group of highly motivated and efficient academicians, researchers and professionals from diverse disciplines at home and abroad. IFS promotes scientific inquiry through a trans-disciplinary approach that drives ahead the boundaries of traditional interdisciplinary studies. IFS identifies and tackles challenges in various domains of society such as Education, Healthcare, Environment, Disaster, Agriculture, International Relation, Information and Technology. IFS explores ultimate understanding of knowledge as well as attempts to cross the boundary of prior knowledge opening up the way (door) for new ideas and establishment. Through IFS platform, we provide intellectual stimulation in a way that inspires to identify gaps and discover new methodologies capable for solution of  problems in society.